Visit to Cyber Security India Conclave 2017

Visit to Cyber Security India Conclave 2017
Hotel Shangri La’s Eros, New Delhi

Technology Development Board’s representatives:

1. Mr. Rajan Babu Saxena, Consultant
2. Mr. Praveen Sharma, U.S.

The Conclave had 5 sessions:

  • Building India’s Cyber Security Framework
  • Securing Fin Tech Companies
  • Securing Smart Cities and IoT Devices
  • Creating One Million Cyber Security Experts and 1000 Cyber Start-ups by 2025
  • Strengthening Data Protection and Cyber Security Laws.

Many countries like US or Israel have their own Cyber security framework so India should have its own Cyber security framework. The speakers in the first session discussed on various aspects of the structure and different components of framework keeping in view the changing times. Shri Kiren Rijiju, MoS for Home affairs, Govt. of India, spoke about digital economy. He talked about Mobile banking & Wallets and security in payments. He mentioned that Govt. of India had instituted in October 2016 R&D fund for cyber security. Policies have been issued. He hoped to have more than 1000 start-ups by 2025. He emphasized that India must develop offensive as well as defensive Cyber security capabilities and government and private companies should come together. Mrs. Rama Vedashri, CEO, DSCI spoke about Eco system and skill development & capacity building. She mentioned about CERT and informed that more than 75 start-ups are there in the country. Other speakers talked about cyber threats in various fields like Banking & financial institutions, Bollywood, sports. At present more than 80% industries/companies are not protected from Cyber hacking / crimes. General consensus was for working together of Government Agencies, Industries, Academia and R&D Institutions. There were also discussions about Smart cities and what are the major steps needed for making a smart city.

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