Secretary’s Desk

Chairperson’s Desk
March 10, 2016

Secretary’s Desk


It’s a great opportunity for me to head the team at TDB after 23 years of R & D funding in bio-medical field of an important Government department. Shifting to TDB provides a unique platform for translating pure scientific ideas & experiences for commercial output. It’s a difficult arena but not impossible if perseverance dominates! My vision for TDB revolves around tapping un-tapped potential; penetrating & integrating into core-sectors for technological advancements; novel models of business; building networking, bringing global solutions on local problems through bilateral & multi-lateral dialogues. India is facing technological challenges in most sectors- infrastructure; drinking water; affordable housing, health, defense; energy but the Government is committed to finding solutions. My vision is to think big & work hard on spaces that have ample business opportunities.

Working with a team in the age-bracket of 35-40 years is an asset as they bring-in lot of energy yet sufficient experience ensuring that we do “No Wrong”. I am looking forward towards awareness, spirit of co-operation, team building and sharing the reward! I am sure with optimism in mind, we will break many shackles and taste the success in years to come.

Best wishes and good luck