Chairperson’s Desk

Secretary’s Desk
March 10, 2016

Chairperson’s Desk

I extend my heartiest congratulations to TDB on launching of its new website. Working real time and bringing up-dated policy matters on industrial funding to everyone’s access are crucial information tools for India’s scientific & industrial workforce to assimilate technological challenges and avail commercialization opportunities within the country. Understanding TDB’s funding mechanisms is expected to generate newer business paradigms; collaborations and knowledge across organizational boundaries fuelling innovation and growth.

TDB’s mandate has special relevance to “Make in India” campaign in all sectors of economy. Its objectives of promoting new ideas from small enterprises even at the risk of failures; motivating industries and R&D institutions for product innovation; developing socially relevant and profitable technologies; identifying and acting in areas requiring strategic intervention and investing in core technological strengths has gradually enabled Indian industry to stand-up to the competitive pressure and become a global player. There are many success stories to be shared. TDB’s support is for uniqueness in technology development and commercialization. This has been the thrust of TDB’s “Vision Document” approved by the Board in August 1998. Very soon we would release our revised “Vision & Mission” White paper incorporating contemporary perspectives with inputs from all stakeholders.

I am honored to be part of TDB Family. Let me invite you to help us fulfill TDB’s vision and work towards greater understanding of India’s potential tapping avenues for smart technological innovation & interventions. We wish to unite people around such critical technological challenges and collaboratively find solutions ensuring that the business opportunities succeed. I look forward for a constant dialogue building awareness across emerging technologies, corporate strategy, and innovations.

Best !