M/s Sahajanand Laser Technology, Gandhinagar, Gujarat

M/s Sahajanand Laser Technology intends to develop and commercialize Fiber LASER Cutting System using Ytterbium fiber LASER as a source for specified and customized uses. The LASER Cutting system has specific advantages of higher accuracy, very high material punch press, CNC milling, water jet, HPCO2 and other LASER cutting systems generally being used for the metal cutting process. The Ytterbium Fiber LASER shows 10 times more absorption for metal leading to faster cutting with small spot size that gives higher versatility in options and applications.

The project aims at setting up a manufacturing facility for Fiber LASER Cutting Systems for metal processing based on innovative processes developed indigenously. These systems provides three times more plug efficiency resulting into better absorption by any metal compared to CO2 LASER and thus can be used for quality cutting in a cost effective manner with competitive specifications. The company proposes to build and commission seven demonstration units.

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