M/s Kritikal Secure Scan, Noida


M/s Kritikal Secure Scan has developed the Automated Vehicle Underside Scanning System (AVSS) under the brand name ZenScanTM.. AVSS technology is a sophisticated interplay of computer-vision & image processing algorithms with an infra-red sensor and optics based technology. The whole system is integrated, with an intention to cut down the cost and selling prices of the product globally.

The following specific features have been developed and integrated in Zen ScanTM by the company.

Automated Comparison of Images: The system allows a comparison of the underside of a vehicle with the pervious image of the same vehicle. The system detects the abnormality and flags an alarm for thorough checking by the guard.

Automated License Plate Reading System: The system detects the license plate in the image and read the numbers through a sophisticated OCR algorithm. This reduces manual intervention and automates data entry.

Portability: A mobile unit has been developed which can be assembled and disassembled on site as desired in a short duration of time thereby ensuring multiple usage of the same unit.

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