MoUs 2017

#TDB supports # M/s S3V Vascular Technologies for PTCA Balloon Dilatation Catheter System

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TDB entered into a grant agreement on 4th May, 2017 with M/s Mobilexion Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Trivandrum for financial assistance for a project title “Development and Commercialization of Ubimedique Acute Care System (UMACS)”.

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TDB has entered into an agreement on 23rd March, 2017 with M/s. Energos Technologies Pvt. Limited, Mumbai for financial assistance for the project – “Changing Energy Habits”.

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Technology Development Board (TDB) has entered into an agreement on 16th March, 2017 with M/s. Renalyx Health Systems Private Limited, Bangalore for financial assistance for “Development of an affordable connected Haemodialysis Machine for Rural Public Health Centres”.

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M/s Terminus Circuits Pvt. Ltd., Bangaloresigned a Loan Agreement with Technology Development Board

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