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When technology marries innovation for better training of army jawans

How about improving the shooting skills without actually being present in the range? How about targeting something at a distance in the backdrop of a ‘virtual’ shooting field? Simulators as they are called have now become a pre-requisite for the training and skill development of the people in the Army, Defence, Navy and the Police.

The Technology Development Board, an autonomous institution under the Department of Science and Technology has broadened its reach of innovation and expertise in the defence sector by funding two such simulators in collaboration with Zen Technologies—Driving Training Simulator and ZEN Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) full mission simulator.

Askok Atluri, managing director Zen Technologies says that despite several challenges the market for simulators is vibrant and growing. “This has a market of 7000-8000 crore . More number of people are using this as a mode of a training. Besides being cost effective, they are the fastest way to teach people new skills.”

The training, he said ranges from basic marksmanship skills to tactical training under various settings, including rural and urban terrains, with different types of weapons.

Stressing on the global competition in simulators he said the company was expanding its reach to foreign shores. “We have recently got an order from Egypt. Besides responding to global tenders, we are also organizing exhibitions in foreign countries.”

The Company:

Zen Technologies Limited designs, develops and manufactures various types of training equipment and simulators for weapons and allied defense systems. The products, developed in-house, meet high qualitative standards and are cost effective. Established in 1993, the company attaches special importance to R&D. Zen’s varied simulators meet the training requirements of its customers. A prime contractor to the Indian Army, Zen has supplied over 600 simulators to over 100 customers including all the three Armed Forces, State and Central Police Forces of India and other countries. The company offers complete Combat Training Center for individual and group training to officers and soldiers. The training ranges from basic marksmanship skills to tactical training under various setting including rural and urban terrains with different types of weapons. Their simulators can seamlessly integrate into war scenarios and help the Commanders hone their battlefield strategies.

The Simulators

Zen Driving Training Simulator

ZEN DTS is a versatile indoor system that imparts basic as well as advanced driving skills. The simulator facilitates training in a ‘to scale’ vehicle cabin with actual indicators and controls, thereby creating a realistic driving environment. The simulator can be manufactured for both left and right hand drives , Tatra and Ashok Leyland Stallion. The basic system is supplied with an Instructor Station and a Driver Station.


  • Displays 3D computer generated scenarios with a 180 degree view.
  • Contains realistic cabin of light/medium/heavy vehicle.
  • Allows an Instructor Station to control up to 10 Driver Stations.
  • Cuts down training costs, wear and tear of vehicles and eliminates possibility of injuries
  • Simulates realistic visuals and sounds.

Training is imparted through the state-of-the art 3D visualization software. To make trainees skilled at handling the system, crucial guidance is at hand with the instructor monitoring the training ‘live’.


This is a comprehensive, indigenously developed training system for External Pilots, Internal Pilots , Mission Commanders, Observers/ Special Payload Operators and Image Interpreters.


The modular and configurable simulator

  • Offers replicated Ground Control Station(GCS) and Ground Exploitation Station(GES)
  • Incorporates accurate datalink simulation
  • Provides individual or integrated crew training on procedural to fault/emergency handling under different weather conditions with dynamic day-night cycles.
  • Simulates near realistic visuals with densely populated geo specific terrains
  • Simulates flight dynamics faithfully
  • Runs real time payload simulation of Electro Optical Infra Red(EOIR), Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR), Maritime Patrol Radar
  • Contains extensive record-replay system.

System Bays:


2. Ground Exploitation System Bays:

3. EPTS IOS Deployed:

4. ICTS IOS Deployed:

5. Replicated Flight Control Box:

The internal crew training system allows the instructor to perform a variety of activities from creating scenarios and mission plans to implementing and reviewing them. It enables instructor to initiate, monitor, control, alter course in run time , insert faults and malfunctions, set weather, climatic and UAV parameters, record sessions, view replays and take prints of individual as well as group performance reports.

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