Vision and Mission

TDB’s goal is to make the weak zone of technology development and commercialization strong in selected sector by supporting technology development in the industry with short, medium and long term risk horizon. Technology priorities for India is:

  • Raising capital productivity by modernising and reducing costs by constant technological inputs to the large base of basic infrastructure like energy, transport, housing, communication etc. though in the short term, some may have to resort to large scale imports of capital goods and know-how;
  • Technology support in areas which are currently driving export to enhance value-addition and to improve the quality, quantity and value of exports;
  • Technology support in selected small scale sector whose future in many ways depends on high technology development; and
  • Work on selected area of frontier market-oriented technologies at international scale and in which India can make an impact and attain a globally competitive edge.

The pro-active role of TDB is in all the above categories in order that the beneficial effects can accrue to the economy and society as a whole, in a sustainable manner.

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